SharePoint 2013 Preview

SharePoint 2013 Preview is now available for download!!  (Microsoft Office 2013 Preview is also available.)


The downloads are available here:


Microsoft is talking up the changes in Office, but it is too soon to tell how much of a change there is in SharePoint 2013.  One presymes that the interface has been tidied up to remove all vestiges of WSS 3.0.  What is mentioned looks good (prior to installing and testing proerly), but the key     uestions will be:

  • Is there a compelling reason to upgrade an existing SharePoint 2010 farm, and
  • How straightforward is the upgrade process?

With regard to upgrading, the process looks good in that the new 2013 farm is to be installed, and then the content databases from 2010 are to be attached and updated.  It is too early to say what pitfalls there may be in this process.

New Features

Some of the interesting features include:

  • Hold and Discovery.  There is a process to copy content to a "Discovery" website, with  rules for inclusion / exclusion of content. (presumably only in Server)
  • New workflow engine.  2010 workflows are still available, but a new workflow engine is also there.  NB! This now has looping!  There are several new features in workflow, but it remains to be seen how easy the new system is to use.
  • Mobile content.  There is a big emphasis on mobile content, which could prove very interesting.
  • Branding.  Microsoft says that brnading is significantly easier (certainly in Publishing sites, but hopefully throughout).
  • My Sites.  MySites have been redesigned, with new features such as microblogging (Twitter).
  • Search.  there seems to be much greater flexibility in the presentation of Search Results.  Could be promising, if this is easy to set up.
  • Business Connectivity.  the big news is that it is possible to register events (and hence create Event receivers) for external content.  If this works well, it could be big.