SharePoint Technologies

SharePoint is a platform that allows people to work together more easily. 

Collaboration, Document Management, workflows and many other facilities allow companies and organizations to gain better control over their information.

SharePoint gives end-users a great deal of power and flexibility in managing and customizing their own work areas, simply by using their browser.  Once a SharePoint environment has been set up, users can do most of what they need to without having to call in IT staff.

SharePoint Server 2010

When implemented well, SharePoint also allows for great interaction with Microsoft Office, and integration with the normal work routines of most office workers.


Microsoft has categorised the features of SharePoint 2010 as follows:


SharePoint offers a single infrastructure for all websites needed for internal uage, or even for internet availability. 


SharePoint allows for easy collaboration and interaction between people, all on a single platform.  SharePoint 2010 has embraced many social networking features that are now in common use, bringing these benefits into the corporate environment.


Formal content management has been made much more accessible, with policies and procedures set up "behind the scenes" to allow users to work as naturally as possible.


Lareg bodies of information lose their value if the information cannot be found.  SharePoint Server 2010 offers powerful and flexible seach facilities to suit most environments.


SharePoint 2010 makes it much easier to gain access to information held in databases and other business applications.  Enhanced decision-making can be made available to all users.


Several tools allow for the creation of "no code" solutions for a variety of business and office procedures.




Previous (Current) Versions of SharePoint

WSS Features

  • Intranet Team Sites
  • News, Announcements, Events, Contact Lists, Tasks
  • Document Libraries
  • Custom Lists
  • Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Surveys
  • Workflows

MOSS 2007 Features

MOSS 2007 is a licensed system that builds on the features of Windows SharePoint Services

  • Enterprise Content Management (incl. Records Management)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Search
  • Portal Facilities
  • Personal "My Sites" pages for users
  • Excel Services

SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer is a free tool for editing and customizing SharePoint sites (WSS and MOSS 2007).  SharePoint Designer allows for more in-depth management and customization of SharePoint sites, from basic web-page editing to creating of custom data views and even workflows.